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June 06 2015


I always think about how you don’t think about me

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June 04 2015

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“Reverie”, detail 1891. Charles Chaplin

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June 03 2015

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June 02 2015

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Happy French girl and her cat (1959).

May 31 2015

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nothing bad can happen while ur under a blanket just remember that

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Bohemian Homes: Carlota Santamaria’s Home Tour from Moon to Moon

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I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.
— Franz Kafka (via larmoyante)

May 29 2015

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Maia Akiva

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Sylvia Plath in 1954, during her “platinum summer”.

 © The Lilly Library, Indiana University

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May 28 2015

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Girl buried with a crown of ceramic flowers. Patras, 300-400 B.C. From the Museum of Patras.

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Der Nachtwächter Karl Martin August Splitgerber
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Francoise Hardy in Paris, 1963

May 24 2015

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May 23 2015

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Izis Bidermanas

Bord de Seine. Paris (1976)

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